It can be very annoying and disheartening when your spouse won’t even give couples workshops a second thought.

Maybe you have tried to talk about the issues in the relationship, fought over and over, and have decided that it’s time to give a sincere try to couple workshops. But, you have always met with a wall when it comes to getting your partner to go.

Often there is one partner that is leading the couple towards seeing the couple’s therapist and the other person is hesitant to go for professional help.

No one can force anyone to do anything. However, you can try to recognize your partner’s concerns or fears about marriage therapy and then try to address those hesitations in a win-win approach in your reaction.

The Art and Science of Love is a workshop for couples in all stages of their relationship, and has been shown to attain results similar to 6 months of couples therapy. You can register for the 17-18 February, Couple workshops in Denver with them to give end to your relationship problems and rejuvenate your bond.

Some tips for inviting your partner to workshop

  • Capture all your ideas and thoughts

Write down all the main issues that you want to share with your lover. Include what is desired and what your main points of preferred changes are. The clearer you are about the challenges you face and your vision of the future, the higher the chance of you telling that to your partner.

  • Consider the "we approach"

Use of words like: we, us, both, together, etc. works great. Approach your partner with the “we approach” and seek to understand their viewpoint once you are in the conversation. You should not blame each other; rather you should both learn new tools and strategies to recognize what is best for both of you.

  • Timing is everything

Give your companion the right amount of space and sufficient time to consider all of the options. Address the relationship issues with your partner only when you both feel like talking about these things and avoid trapping your partner in a win or lose scenario.

  • Do not hurt each other’s feelings

When your partner says "no way" or something that looks alike self-justifying, try not to join in the same energy of resistance. Triggering at same level is not the solution to the problem. One of the toughest practices in a love relationship is not joining your lover when they are upset or hurt.

  • Remember you are always interacting

If you want to make your partner feel that you are on the same team, then try to recall who your partner is to you. Before asking for the therapy, try taking the photos out from the memories when you were deeply in love with each other and remind yourself that your partner is someone very important to you.

  • Give them a chance to join you

Don't put a gun on your partner’s head by approaching strictly. Tell your lover that therapy is all about learning new positive skills to communicate better. If you will do this rightly, this will be perceived as an honest statement rather than a threat.

And if all these tips fail, having some therapy for yourself can effectively improve your relationship. Most of the relationship issues can be approached and resolved in different ways even by just one partner. Couples Therapist in Colorado can help you learn new ways of improving your marriage even when your spouse won’t go to Couple Workshops in Colorado.

Listen to your lover’s concerns and convince him/her with a soft approach. Do not impose your decision and give him/her a fair chance to join you.