Have you ever experienced the frustration of dropping your smartphone and ending up with a cracked or broken screen? If so, you're not alone; one study found that about 25 percent of smartphone users have broken their screen at some point, and that Americans have spent more than $23 billion repairing smartphones in less than a decade. Fortunately, avoiding a broken screen on your smartphone is usually as simple as using a screen protector. Not sure how to find the best screen protector for you? We've got you covered.


Start by considering what type of material you prefer for your mobile phone screen protector. You typically have two options here: plastic or glass. Both come with their advantages and potential drawbacks; for example, plastic screen protectors provide basic protection for your phone and typically only cost a few dollars. Glass, on the other hand, is more durable, but also costs a bit more.


Not all screen protectors are created equally in terms of their thickness. The thicker the screen protector, the larger the barrier stands between you and your phone. As such, you have less of a chance of dealing with expensive damage. When shopping for the best screen protector, avoid packs that come in multiples, as these tend to include thinner screen protectors that simply aren't going to protect your phone screen from large scratches or gouges.


These days, screen protectors come with all kinds of features. For example, matte screen protectors provide glare-resistance, which is ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors with their phones. There are also screen protectors with a privacy film that will make the phone screen itself difficult to be seen at an angle. For people who like to check their reflection while on-the-go, some screen protectors can even double as a mirror while the screen is turned off.


It's never a bad idea to buy multiple screen protectors at once. After all, even with the best mobile phone screen protector out there, you're going to have to replace it from time to time as it becomes worn. As you shop for the best screen protector for iPhone 5s or any other phone, then, consider saving yourself some money in the long-run by purchasing several at once or even buying a small pack of three to five. Just be careful to avoid "value packs" of screen protectors, which often contain 10 or more protectors that are of substandard quality.


You essentially have two options while shopping for screen protectors: you can buy a pre-cut screen protector or cut it yourself to fit your phone. Pre-cut screen protectors are ideal for ensuring total coverage of your screen with minimal work required on your part. However, if you have a less common phone or simply want to save some money, cutting your own screen protectors out of the material is the way to go.

On the other hand, pre-cut ones are generally the best screen protector for iPhone 5s and other popular phones, as they tend to be readily available and they make the application process much easier. This way, you don't have to worry about your screen protector covering part of your front camera or proximity sensor.

As you can see, there's a lot to consider when shopping for the right screen protector for your phone. To make sure you're properly protecting your smartphone (and all your other gadgets), be sure to check out Ultimate Shield, where you can find quality screen protectors with free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.