Sikh weddings are the perfect epitome of the lavish, beautiful and traditional culture of North India. This is the reason why it is only fitting to find the best Indian wedding invitations that will complement such a special occasion. Before you send out your marriage invitation card to your guests, you have to make sure that it exudes the same level of fervor you feel for your upcoming wedding. While it is easy to fall back into the use of traditional wedding cards, it has now become a norm for modern couples to choose contemporary wedding invitations that are in harmony with their wedding.
Whether you opt for a modern invitation or you still prefer a traditional one, there are several important things you have to look into before you finalize the printing of your Sikh wedding card.
Consider Designs, Motifs, and Logos
The traditional Sikh symbols are believed to bring a fortune to every wedding. Aside from that, these symbols further enhance the card’s beauty and appeal. You can select from the typical Sikh motifs like the Khalsa, Waheguru and Ik Onkar motifs which are surely going to lend an exclusive unique Sikh feel for your Anand Karaj.
If you prefer motifs that are more mutual which still exude a traditional essence, you can go for folk symbols such as images of Dulhan, Varghodas and the more modern images like flowers and hearts.
Pick the Right Color
Just like the rest of the best Indian wedding invitations, the Sikh cards boast of a vibrant display of colors like red and yellow, together with embellishments and contour lines in gold. In case you like subtle colors and you wish for a card that looks elegant and regal, you can choose designs in gold and off white with natural Sikh motifs.
Be Careful with the Words
It doesn’t matter if you opt for laser cut invitation cards or something traditional because among the most essential aspects of your card is how you word them. You would want to express how special this event is for you and at the same time, you want every guest to feel how much you welcome and appreciate the fact that they will be a part of your big day to shower their blessings on you.
The wordings can start on top with a couplet or phrase from Guru Granth Sahib. You can follow this up with lines or quotes from poems you like or those you feel best represent your emotions. It can be followed by the introduction of the groom and bride and their parents. The rest of the wordings can then include details of the wedding ceremony, venue, date address and RSVP section which all need to be written as clear as possible.
Check and Proofread
Finally, before you place a bulk order for the stationery and design you chose, see to it that you request for a sample to have an idea on how the final product will look and make the necessary corrections or last minute changes, if any.
Just like that, you are now ready to distribute your marriage invitation cards!