My next Bullet Journal: The Things I Keep

You won& rsquo my Bullet Journal is nearly complete! After eight months of Bullet Journaling I've discovered a system that's working for me personally. It arranges my existence in a way I never realized was possible, however a fresh change to arrange everything is meant by a fresh publication! In this multi-component blogpost rsquo & I;m showing you what I’m likely to change, beginning with all the matter I keep and what I’m maintaining within my new laptop.

My next Bullet Journal: The Things I Keep

New Nuuna Note Book

I would like to present you my laptop before I go further. I’ve picked another Nuuna laptop, because I actually enjoy the grade of the cover as well as the thick, white-paper. The newspaper isn't ghosting or bleeding as much as lots of other laptops. Beside the standard, I also adore the attractive layouts Nuuna offers. They actually have lot to pick from! In the event that you would like to examine into greater detail depth why I enjoy the Nuuna your can see the critique. But enough talking, here is my new laptop!

My New Nuuna Notebook

Isn’t it wonderful? Are you aware that Nuuna has layouts accessible?

Other Layouts by Nuuna:

Things I’m maintaining

Set Up

I actually adore my present Bullet Journal set up! I really like the timeframe as well as the review, the way it seems it cost me. It's proven to perform for me personally and enables me to complete my dissertation in time! (I hope…)


My dailies, there’s therefore significantly happening in my dailies. They're time tracker, my diary and task list. Study what I’ve completed in the previous few days and I actually want to check my dailies straight back. It provides me a flash-back on what I did that day and is interesting to do.!

I utilized to to create a lot together with the Staedtler Pigment Linings, but lately I compose a lot using the TWSBI E Co fountain pen. The shades are made out of the Zebra Mildliners.

I wrote a critique about both TWSBI E Co as well as the Zebra Mildliners.

Daily met Time Tracker


The weeklies is some thing I just began doing several months past. In the starting I believed it was unnecessary, but I began using them as I got mo Re appointments and deadlines in a week. It provides only enough review to be helpful. My weeklies contain some room and a time tracker . Begin to see the weeklies with ocean motif below! !Monthlies Ocean Theme


Over time, several times instances have shifted my monthly lay out. I additional notes eliminated trackers and divide the monthly perspective. I themed once I was active with my dissertation. Below is one I’m extremely proud of: My monthlies in Jungle motif!

September Monthly

My Drawings

My drawings certainly are a keeper! I’ve produced plenty of drawings ll definitely make mo Re in my subsequent Bullet Journal. A set was created by me with my favourite drawings for you personally!

Productivity Mandala

Productivity Mandala

The Canine Cycle

The Dog Cycle

Novels to ReadBooks to Read Page

Hello March Page (Geometric Deer)Hello March Geometric Art Page

Frog from your Jungle MotifFrog from the Forest Theme

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I’m intending to compose another blog post about my Bullet Journal that is subsequent! In the event you'd like to view something different, allow me know and I’ll protect it in my subsequent post!

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