We have reached the last episode of guides to every kind of tea. I had been stressed these places may be too "old-hat" for experienced tea drinkers but also believed they were significant to have here for newcomers. Thank you for hanging in there people! !


Puerh is a fermented tea, component of a bigger group called Hei Cha (dark tea), that's created just in the Yunnan Province of China. Most of the tea-trees employed are of the bigger leafed selection, Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica. Tea generation in this area dates back as early as the Han Dynasty. Puerh is exceptional in the leaves in many cases are compressed into cakes called some other contours in addition to bings like mushrooms, bricks, and fowl nests.

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Puerh may be split into two different kinds. Sheng, or uncooked, pu-erh has a look as the leaves are permitted to keep a few of the enzymes that are normal, letting them age and ferment as time passes. By keeping the tea in a managed, humid surroundings, this method could be increased. Shou, cooked or ripe, pu-erh has a really dark look before being pressed into cakes, as the leaves are unnaturally fermented. This method also drastically impacts the flavor, which makes it earthy and dim.
An average sheng cake, silvery buds combined with darker greens and browns


An average shou pu-erh cake, darkish with more damaged leaves


Shou and Sheng are handled likewise in the first phases of processing. After harvest the leaves are withered and pan-fired. The heat level is large enough to to create oxidization into a near arrest but it's not quit entirely. They can be subsequently rolled, device or manually, and then dried in sunlight. The completed leaves are described tough tea, or as mao cha. Uncooked mao cha consumed and might be marketed as-is but it's most often steamed and compressed right into a cake.

Shou puerh subsequently gets one more measure of wet piling called& nbsp pairs. The leaves coated to be able to steadfastly keep up a damp environment and are sprayed with water, efficiently developing a tea compost. Valuable bacteria like Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp. As do microflora as well as yeasts play a job in this method. This man-made fermentation procedure was devised as an easy method to immediately repeat the aging procedure that will happen in rather old uncooked puerh in 1973.


Both varieties are extremely distinct from each other in flavor and that I discover that a lot of folks is going to have solid preference for the other or one. Sheng is styptic and smart with floral notes and sophisticated vegetal. It can be very bitter but is additionally understood a come back sweetness, for hui gan that people would feel inside their throat. Uncooked pu-erh is frequently described by me as a green tea extract that hits you in the facial skin, but in a manner that is really fine.

Shou pu erh might be described as incredibly dark and earthy (believe woods floor after it rains) but it is going to normally possess an all-natural sweetness with almost no astringency. In the event you discover an excellent quality one, notes of darkish cocoa as well as fruits can appear. Ill tea that is processed could be quite so disagreeable that it borders on fishy be careful of purchasing from sources that are anonymous.!

The way to Brew It

Water temperatures are typically around boiling level, 212° Fahrenheit when utilizing a system that is western. Take to dialing it straight back if you're locating a youthful puerh to be overly bitter. Between 3 and FIVE FULL MINUTES minutes may differ determined by the tea. Weighing your leaves may help ensure that you're employing the appropriate number, although Puerh may be extremely tough to quantify, particularly if it's compressed. Most teas will-call for FOR JUST TWO to 2.5 grams of foliage per 8oz cup of water.
Gongfu is my goto manner because I genuinely enjoy just how it concentrates the flavors to prepare pu-erh. Gaiwans are a useful tool with any tea, pouring speed and especially with because you've got more control within the warmth amount, puerh. Jianshui or Yixing clay boats may also be remarkably popular. Water temperature will under usual circumstances be from around deg 212 &; Fahrenheit with occasions will most likely be about 30 seconds.
Professional Hint: If your shou pu-erh is also earthy, attempt giving the leaves a quick heated water rinse (10-20 seconds) before producing your first cup.

What's your favorite area for puerh? I'd like to know in the remarks about it!