Sad child on a swing, inbetween her divorced parents holding her separatedly .

Many separated parents pay child support for their children. A common question is, “when do I have keep paying support for my kids?”

The answer for the question is dependant completely on the facts of your particular situation. The law of child support is governed by the federal legislation, Federal Child Support Guidelines, as well as provincial legislation. These guidelines tell us that child support must be paid at a minimum until your children are no longer under the age of majority, 18 years old. The exception to this rule is if your children cannot remove themselves from your care.

A child may be considered to not be able to remove themselves from their parents care if they are incapable due to a handicap or other limitation to be gainfully employed or live without the financial assistance of their parents. A child with severe disabilities may require support to be paid for their entire life. The calculation of the amount of support to be paid is something that can be more complicated then basic child support payments.

The other common reason for why support may continue to be paid, is if the child is attending post-secondary education or training. In these situations, a lawyer can be extremely helpful in helping you determine what the correct amount of support to be paid is. Consideration will be given to any savings, jobs the child may have as well as the incomes of the parents. If you have a child coming to the end of high school, make sure to talk with them about their plans for the future, and if education will be a part of that.

In any case, a lawyer can help you navigate the amounts you may be required to pay for child support, and for how long. If you have any further questions regarding the amount of child support you are paying or receiving, please contact one of our family law lawyers for a free consultation.