On our first night in Venice, we had an Italian feast.

Our incredibly helpful waitress, despite being busy with her other patrons, carefully and patiently explained the entire menu to us.  I will never forget that!  Her accent was so incredible, and the dishes so varied and fascinating that we could have just listened to her all night.

But we were hungry, after all.

We decided course by course, with the help of our accommodating server.

My first course was a souffle with gorgonzola sauce.  It was delicious!

It was followed by a dish with calamari, scampi, and scallops.  Mmmm...  So lovely.

My sister is more adventurous.  She tried a baby octopus served over polenta.

I tried some of the octopus - and liked it.  But I have to admit I was a little queasy about cutting into its head and eating the entire thing.

My sister had no qualms whatsoever, and ate the whole critter.

I just concentrated on my seafood platter while she was cutting the gushiest parts...

Food is such a great way to enjoy a culture thoroughly.  When in Rome...or Venice, for that matter, the opportunity to try new things, new flavours, new experiences, was appetising in of itself!