It's been less than a month since the 2016 Coachella lineup has been announced.  If you should be heading out to my (not too distant) neck of the woods, make sure you come up with a prepared audio itinerary.  Since I probably don't need to introduce any of this year's headliners, take the time to learn about the many up-and-coming bands listed in the poster's minuscule font.  I've included a few artists worth checking out during your festive odyssey.  
1.  Bob Moses 
Bob Moses, an electronic duo originally rooted in Vancouver, BC knows how to make music that will keep you in a bewitching trance.  Be sure to check them out on Friday when you need to chill out after watching a glut of hard-hitting acts.  
2.  De Lux
No, this is not a Talking Heads cover.  No, this is not some distant son of David Byrne.  But if you are a fan of The Talking Heads, you'll appreciate not only their music, but dynamic stage presence.  Go ahead and pencil De Lux in on Sunday afternoon with enough room to dance. 

3.  Robert DeLong
I may sound bias choosing an artist that shares my college alma mater, but as a one-man electronic band, Robert DeLong knows how to deliver a stellar live performance that can't be missed.  Catch him on Friday as his music prepares you for LCD Soundsystem's grand entrance.  
Which bands would you like to see at Coachella this year?
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