I  am not sure of this conflict that I  have within myself.
everytime I stopped writing I missed it 
when I wanted to write, I do not see a commercial reason of doing it and I feel exposed  everytime I write.
I hate times new roman....it starts to bother me with this  generic font setting on blogger which is one of the reason  I stopped writing.

Visited loads of locations I am travelling on a pilot speed.
I said pilot because I never want to be an air stewardess, ever since i was a kid I never dream of being on the plane serving others.I want to navigate but best of all now I get to fly and most of the time in comfort.

Today I was at the airline   lounge and the guy who usually brings me curry laksa, repeated his loyalty towards me as much as i am loyal towards Malaysia airlines, he brought me curry laksa  and coffee without me even asking.If someone read your mind as such extent,it's either he won the national empathy award or is it me who hangs out here and doing usual things too often.
The english guy across my table  on his way to Myanmar (everybody seems to go there lately?) smiled and asked me if i get lonely sometimes travelling and hanging out at airlines lounges.

I smiled back and said "I am lucky"

I truly think that I am lucky today.
Despite being sick last week and my lower back injury .I am lucky that yesterday my mum and brother asked me if i do not want to write my blog anymore.I am lucky so many cares,I am lucky so many brought me food and my  client brought me to a place that serves good chicken chop with black pepper sauce.

Sayangku Azura-will never teach you how to make chocolate mousse in a jar.
This little space of mine Of which i think about everyday - my heart wants to scream numerous things  here from politics, to ignorance of human race,stupid people who continuously breed and made loud ,rude kids,Certain types of food and metaphysics  and it's concept ,trade issues , people in the industry , egoistic personalities in my trade  or in general ,unconditional love that was betrayed  and how I succumbed to my own desire to fall again and so on.THOSE  stirred up  a mind like a blue and pink paint stirred into water at 100 rpm, not too fast ... but enough to  caused  a deep thinking confusion  abtract,mess

The mask of normal
But I am not writing about those,I keep my mess to myself and  give you space to see only the  beauty of me....
after all isn't that what social media is all about?

Showing off your beautiful side  and concealing the sick , dark ,mess, sadness you have.
At least my mask isn't that thick...I don't wear concealing primer.

To those who concealed their sad .painful stories -behinds a beautiful smile...I respect you,it's none of anyone else's business.You happiness, struggles and joy are for you to celebrate.They don't know, let alone  pay your bills.

Close your eyes so you don't feel them...they don't need to see you cry-Robbie William "eternity"

anyway here are some of my travel photos . 2016