I know! I know! Society does us absolutely no favors in regard to constantly bombarding us with the notion that this is cool, that is hip, people of value drive this, and people who are important wear that, but since when is society supposed to be the main influence on how a Christian thinks!

God is supposed to be our sole source of influence and He would tell us today that He creates absolutely no junk and that Jesus came and died for all … not just for a select few!

If we will live out the truth that none of us are any better than anybody else and if others can sense that we sincerely believe that to be true, then we will have to add more pews asap because the general population is tired of being downgraded and are looking instead for the upgrade that can only be found in God and in God’s people!

John 3:16 reminds us that, “…God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Talk about a well-known verse, but I am concerned that we have lost the truth that lies in the word, “whoever!” Whoever! Whoever believes in Jesus shall not perish, but have eternal life. God does not play favorites. He loves, “whoever!” Do we? Should we? When will we?

Lepers, the blind, the maimed, the deaf, the diseased, the demon possessed, adulterers, tax collectors, prostitutes, and men and women from all races came to Him and He treated them the same. That is the very heart of the Christmas story!

Now, let us fast forward to 2016 and soon to be 2017. HIV victims, the hippy, the grunged, the smelly, the drug addict, the stripper, the Democrat, the Republican, the Baptist, the Pentecostal, the porn addict, the mean, the cruel, the Hispanic, the Oriental, the practicing witch, the homosexual, the black, the blue, the nerd, the gothic, the different and yes even shepherds must be able to come to us … God’s people … and be treated as people who matter to God.