Laga Handbags | Why Are Laga Handbags Cruelty and Animal Free?

Paul McCartney has said that more people would abandon meat if factory farms had glass walls. And in an age of greater transparency, many eco-conscious individuals have adopted vegetarian or vegan diets in hopes of minimizing their contribution to the horrors animals experience on factory farms. These efforts are commendable, but many of the same people who cut meat out of their diet continue to wear leather shoes and carry leather bags.

If you consider yourself a true animal rights advocate, you’ll make every effort to stamp animal products out of your diet and your wardrobe. Start by swapping your leather handbag with a cruelty-free Laga bag. Highlighted below are just a few reasons why the switch to cruelty-free bags is worth making.


The Horrors of Factory Farming

The animals used to create your favorite handbag are sentient beings before they’re killed and transformed into fashion accessories. They experience many of the same emotions as humans do. Sadly, they are forced to spend their lives trapped in factory farms, raised for the express purpose of becoming fashion statements. In these farms, the chief goal is to maximize output. Thus, animals are shoved together in filthy sheds and crates. Illness spreads quickly in such crowded environments, and many animals die from infection. Those who survive long enough to become purses are transported long distances without food or water, and then slaughtered, often via unimaginably inhumane methods.

While it is possible to purchase handbags created from the skins of animals raised at smaller, more humane farms, there is rarely a guarantee that the animals raised there are treated properly. In most cases, it is far safer to purchase a bag that involves no animal products at all. These bags often look very similar to animal-based purses, but do not require animals to be mistreated in factory farms.


Endangered and Threatened Animals

Most handbags are created from cows, sheep, pigs, and other animals raised in factory farms. The maltreatment of animals in these farms is disturbing, but it does not generally lead to the direct killing of endangered animals (although endangered species are often displaced by factory farms in Central and South America).  However, as PETA points out, many of today’s trendiest handbags are made from the skins of threatened and endangered animals. Other animal sources may not be threatened or endangered, but their numbers are often in decline, leaving them at greater risk of extinction. The Wildlife Land Trust claims that over one hundred million animals are illegally poached every year — many in an effort to obtain prized animal skins for purses and other accessories.


Laga Handbags: Completely Animal and Cruelty-Free

At one time, leather and suede handbags were regarded as the epitome of chic. Things are changing, however, and trendy women are increasingly opting for more humane and less expensive options, created from alternative materials. Technology has improved to the point that these new purses are just as stylish and durable as their leather counterparts, but also far kinder to animals and far easier on the environment.

In an age of limitless eco-friendly options, there is no need to make innocent animals suffer, just so that you can carry a sleek leather purse around the mall. Cruelty and animal-free Laga purses give you the exotic look of a traditional handbag, sans suffering. The brand has real heart, as evidenced by its commitment to cruelty-free accessories.

Interested in doing your part to stop animal cruelty? Reach out today to learn more about our extensive line of cruelty-free handbags.