I know, it’s a strange title, but I have a story to tell. I’m not the one wondering Why Can’t I Eat Pine Cones? That would be Carsyn.
carsyn-oliver-8-months-3Carsyn turned 8 months old last week. We’ve been so busy that today I finally am getting around to posting the photos.

We took him outside to do his traditional monthly photos. We thought, with the turn of Fall, being in the grass and leaves was the perfect location. We found lots of pine cones and thought it would be fun to give him one to play with.carsyn-oliver-8-months-1He did pretty well with the pine cones most of the time, but every once in awhile after a few photos, he would begin to put the pine cone in his mouth.

At 8 months old, Carsyn doesn’t like any change in voice. He doesn’t like it if anyone cries. He doesn’t like it if anyone sounds mad. To the unsuspecting viewer, it would appear that Carsyn doesn’t like the word ‘no’ but he reacts very differently when you say “No, no, no” in a sing songy voice then when you say “no” with a quick and straight face.carsyn-oliver-8-months-2If he see’s someone he knows crying, he will cry. And when I say cry, I mean big crocodile, emotional tears. It’s heart wrenching. He seems very sensitive to moods which has been an interesting discovery for us.

Well, while Carsyn continued to try to eat Pine Cones, we got a few “special” photos too.

You know, the kind we will include in his future wedding video. haha Kidding of course.

So this is what happens when you tell Carsyn he can’t eat pine cones.c2

It wasn’t over fast. It then turned to this.


Then it got worse when we removed the pine cone from his mouth.


But you know what? All at once the world was right again.


I sure do love this kid and all his quirky ways. And while he might ask Why Can’t I eat Pine Cones from time to time, I am happy to take the rest of it in stride.

Next month… the big 9 months! Wow!