The same way you would keep your house clean and free of ants, and all manner of pests and rodents is the same way you should treat your car. Ants live where is there is food, and if you can see ants in your car you should know that you are the one who is feeding them. The possibility of ants building a nest in your vehicle is zero. Ants are found inside cars because of:

  • Scouting for food inside your car
  • They have found a source of food inside your car

Before we get into the possible reasons as to why ants get in cars, I will urge you to look at ways of eliminating ants from your car if you have already been infested.


One of the reasons as to why ants are in your car is because they accidentally stumbled on upon it on their way to the nest or a food source. The good thing about this kind of attack is that once they realize that there is no food in your car, they will leave on their own. This mode of attack can happen if your parking space in near a nest or their favorite food source.

Food Source

If you are in the habit of eating in your vehicle or leaving empty soft drinks bottles all over your car, then be ready to welcome the unlikely guests. Food particles and the sugary taste from empty bottles attracts ants in their droves. Your car being the new hunting ground, they will feed on the crumbs as others find comfortable places to hide. Woe unto you if you attract the red ants that will sting you the moment you try to access your car. The good news is that the vehicle does not give them a conducive environment to build a nest. Once you get rid of the food source, they are likely to go.


Now that you already know what attracts ants into your car, I think it is wise to identify the type of ant’s species you are likely to deal with. Though the methods of eliminating ants from your car may be similar, some ants can pose a threat to you or anyone using the car. Another thing to note is that ant eradication methods work differently across species.

Parking in a safe and clean place or removing all the food source may not eradicate all the ants in your car. Extra measures of eradication should be taken to get rid of them completely. If you can find an elimination method that also deters them from coming back the better.

The important lesson learned from this post is once your car is free of ants, you need to change your parking spot if it’s near an ant hill or their primary food source. Another important aspect is to ensure a thorough and regular cleaning of your car interior especially if you are in the habit of eating inside the car.