As Human Beings, we keep going through an ongoing stream of dilemmas in life. The paradox however is that the dilemmas are so widely diverse, and yet so universal, so large and sometimes so small, yet seemingly significant.

  • What should I wear today?
  • Can I trust this person?
  • Should I express my anger, or play safe?
  • Is this person really appreciating me, or being sarcastic?
  • Should I invest in these stocks, or not?
  • Can I take the plunge to quit this job and start my own dream project?
  • Do I want to take the responsibility of marriage and children?
  • The list seems endless……

How we wish there was some way to know the answers instantly, miraculously! Google has become our digital God, providing us in one click all the information we need. But alas, it only gives us more information, increasing our knowledge bank. Now the question is how much do we put this knowledge into action? How much of it do we assimilate? Some of us may well be connecting to our IQ and EQ, but what is our wisdom quotient.

While one is pondering over all this, someone tells us about Life Coaching. One of the first questions that pops up is, “Do I really need Life Coaching?”

Instead of depending on someone to answer that for you, you can simply have an enquiry within by asking yourself:

Am I truly satisfied with life, or am I being resigned to it?

Do I think life is treating me fair?

Do I love and respect myself?
Do I continually seek other’s approval / validation?
How is my Physical, Emotional and Financial health?

How fulfilling are my relationships – Professional and Personal?

Would I like to get another chance in some area of my life?

Do I know my unique abilities, hidden resources, and how to utilize them?

The answers to these will give you your own answer too. And if that answer happens to be ‘yes’, then it puts one on another survey trail, wanting to find out more about Life Coaching. Having gathered all the data, one is invariably back to square one, now facing the next series of dilemmas, which could be:

How do I choose a Life Coach?

What are some attributes I need to look for in a Life Coach?

Will this person really understand my issues?

What have been the experiences of their clients so far?

What should be the appropriate fees to pay?

And again the list goes on….

It indeed can span out to be an overwhelming decision. Some may decide to choose a Coach based on their accreditation. Other may do so on the basis of the fees, and yet others on the basis of referrals.

While the process goes on for finding out more about an appropriate Life Coach, how about simultaneously shifting focus to one’s own self by enquiring within:

What kind of results can I expect from this Life Coaching?

Which areas of my life can be addressed through this?

What would be my expected role in the entire journey?

How committed am I to contribute to my evolvement, while being facilitated by a Life Coach?

Read the testimonials to know other people’s experiences.
Check your own intent and commitment to yourself.

Life Coaching is a journey that you may choose to undertake, not with the purpose of fixing yourself but with the purpose of accepting and appreciating yourself, and going beyond yourself.


Bon Voyage!