Get the Effective Methods To Make it Faster

Is your Mozilla Firefox, creating problems while you access it.? Are you thinking, Why my Mozilla Firefox is slow to open? If yes, then you don’t need to worry about anything. Actually, maybe there are numerous reasons behind the ounces of this issue. Some issues are Useless plugins, Internet connection, Registry error, Malware & Virus Infection, and others.

Have a look at below problems with solutions to fix this issue.

1. Verify Internet Connection:-

First, you should ensure that your Internet connection is properly working or not. Many times, Internet connection is stopped working and interrupt the desktop work, and due to slow internet, your Firefox may be slow in performance.

2. Verify to Turn OFF Hardware Acceleration:-

Along with some graphics driver setups, your Firefox may be hung, or running slow, or not responding. Then try to OFF hardware acceleration.

In the Firefox menu button and select "Options", then "Advanced" panel and then "General" tab.

Unchecked the "Use hardware acceleration when available" checkbox.

Go to the menu button and click on "Exit ".

Now you should try to open Firefox as normal manner.

3. Extensions Problems:-

Verify your Firefox extensions.

Open Firefox’s in the safe mode.

Then, go to Firefox menu button, then go to "Help" section.

Now select "Restart with Add-ons Disabled".

4. Update Latest Version:-

You should update the latest Firefox on your system, maybe outdated Firefox has created problems and slow performance in running. Also, update all the detracting plug-ins.

Therefore, you can take Mozilla firefox customer service by contacting third party tech support experts to get more methods or troubleshooting tips to fix it. Hence, the proficient techies are available 24x7 days for your help.