Why? War, Violence, Anguish, Poorness

That I had been looking in the news and once I had been a kid I had been frightened. I noticed planes being hijacked, Bhopal accidents and that I believed “but why?” and it filled my evenings with horror and depression.!

I 'd in mind to really have a job which will let me help mankind be content and more relaxed. I believed that so I examined software engineering, robotics could do. I had been hired to focus on applications for banking not understanding that this was almost certainly the area which helps mankind the least.

Quickly forwarding two decades I'm straight back to my youth interrogation of “but why?”. Why can we let a fascist like Donald Trump to get ready for WW3, why can we permit a method to make Hillary Clinton nearly win the primaries of her celebration while Bernie Sanders has the popular support, why can’t we feed mankind when we create already so much surplus, why do people starve on the roads, so much why…

While I consider the movie of Thich Nhat Hanh, the response strikes me. We forgot who we're, we forgot that we're beings of Compassion and Love. Our Yearning, Indifference and Pity is devastating worse and, the world, is creating an outbreak of grief which will just improve if we remember who we're and don’t awaken. We need all to become aware and release the Wicked Twins of Compassion, Love and Equanimity. We must educate our kids the same.

I don’t need to go with this post. I don’t have responses about the best way to reach that but I felt the need to inquire again the issue “but why?” and won’t overlook this time that awakening is potential. !

Why? Tracy Chapman

I allow you using the words with this tune that is amazing to reflect upon. Same inquiries still use nearly 20 years after. Let’s be aware.

Why do the infants starve

When there’s enough food to feed the planet

Why when there’s so several people

Are there folks still alone

Why are the missiles called peace keepers

When they’r e planned to eliminate

Exactly why is a lady nonetheless not risk-free

When she’s in her house
Love is hate

War is peace

No is yes

And we’r e all free
But some body’s gonna need to reply

The time is arriving shortly

Amidst every one of these concerns and contradictions

There’s some who seek the reality
But somebody’s gonna need to reply

The time is arriving shortly

When the blind eliminate their blinders

As well as the speechless speak the fact

Why? — Tracy Chapman