one size does not fit all which is why i have three different pairs of wireless headphones. over the years, i’ve gone through many pairs of headphones, mostly wired, and either i was not happy with the fit (falling out my ear during exercise) or they would fall apart.  it’s possible they were inexpensive and i got what i paid for, but i am not hard on headphones, so let’s say they were cheap. thus began my search into finding the perfect headphones, depending on the activity, and i narrowed it down to three types below:

the AYL headphones is one of the two more common pair that people wear. the sound (with a healthy amount of bass) is surprisingly very good for the cost.  i do seem to fiddle around more with this pair, but once i have them situated in my ear, i’m very happy with them.  they come in a nice box with a small bag and several earbuds of various sizes. the other nice thing is that this pair can be paired with two devices simultaneously, so if you’re like me and jump from device to device, this pair works well. the noise canceling feature is great when i want to sit in the room with other people but i don’t want to hear what’s on TV, but rather listen to something else. the only con about wearing them around the house exclusively is i can’t hear anyone or anything but what’s playing in my ear, which leads me to the single earbud below.

the eCandy wireless earbud works well when one needs to be stealth about their activity or perhaps around the house when shared with other people. having a wireless earbud in one ear allows me to interact with my surroundings and listen to music or audio recordings.  set up was a breeze even if the default language is in chinese, changing the language took less than 5 minutes for someone as dumb as me. the con: it didn’t come with a carrying bag. i fear, if i’m not careful, i will lose it. earbuds of this type are sold for either the left or right ear, i bought one for my right ear.  it fits comfortably, i have no problem with it falling out.  i’m extremely happy with this one.

these over the ear powerbeats headphones – my favorite pair – are designed to stay in and on your ears without worry. it took me a minute to figure out how to accept a call while wearing them, but i finally got it (i hate reading instructions or manuals.) the sound is the best i’ve heard and they also allow for listening to music from my cellphone as far away as 30 feet, so i get to dance roam around the house.

there are plenty of wireless headphones* out there one can buy without breaking the bank, but these three are my favorite with each pair being unique according to usage. i think my search is finally over.

 *not an affiliate link