Time from time the life gives a headache to all people, thus it is popular to talk about the health care. That's easy, because we all have heard lots of wise musings on what one should do to stay healthy. Consequently nobody resists doctor's prescription...Unfortunately, the sickness doesn't  retreat, but continues to spread all over the world. I think, the cause is the obvious: people firstly need to WISH to RECOVER, prior listening to the consultants. Yet is that possible in the hospitals for the mentally ill? Just look at the photo below.

The patients  are learning to communicate between. As you see for yourself, the real miracles happen in art therapy club Modus Vivendi. The cake will be tasted soon and the boys will take the pencils for the colors could bloom on their pictures. That would be their response to the received love  (the reciprosal step towards the  real health -  the fruits of art therapy).
All the above could be thus in case there would be enough tools for the work, but there are just few voluntaries and very limited possibilities to do anything in the concrete. Just enthusiasm of few hears the need... So could you take a shot without the camera?  I too. Therefore I am especially grateful to Mel Avila Alarilla for his interest in our work. Dear Mel has featured my blogs on his wonderful site Literatti- An Artistic Blog. It was the priceless moral support. The review enabled me to face the future more optimistic. I wrote about that on my blog art by Tomas. Thank you once again, dear Mel Avila Alarilla. God bless you.