Whether you are a serious runner or a weekend warrior it’s useful to know what pace you should be running at. Use the McMillan calculator to work out your race speed based on pretty much any other time you have run. The screen looks like the image above you simply choose a distance that you have a time for and key it in.

Once you have done this, the calculator gives you a list of projected distances (below), your projected time for each distance. Now you know pretty much what time you would run for most distances.

It also gives you your average pace for each km/mile which is how you should pace yourself. Each race has 1km/mile markers so just keep checking your watch to determine your km race pace. You can also use https://www.mapmyrun.com/ to work out your distance over your training runs, and thus your pace.

This will help you track your training progress as you get faster. If you’re training for a fun run like the city to surf (14km), use the 15km pace but subtract your 1km pace.

Are you happy with your speed? What’s your marathon time? Do you think you could do it? Happy training!

*** Click here for McMillan’s Calculator

*** Click here to learn more about mapmyrun.com