Last Tuesday my friend and I had a great haul. He spotted a guy bringing out boxes and gave me a call. Location: the far end of my street. With my little plastic hand truck I brought it all home in three goes, while co-picker was guarding the loot. Meanwhile the guy came out once more and explained he was emigrating. I now have three boxes and some bags full of glass, ceramics, cutlery, pans, an IKEA floor lamp and lots of small stuff. I sorted most of it, but photographed just a few things so far. I think I have for weeks to work on. Have a look in the shop to see the first things I listed. It’s all what’s above the dictionary.

For now just a quick report of sales since the last post.

Vintage baking book in bad condition. Flogged, surprised it went quickly.

The IKEA Hol table, it took a bit longer than expected.

Curver storage system from the 1980s. They were mine actually, got them for free years ago from the office’s coffee corners when they changed to new machines. Not really trash, but it could have been.

Croon vintage type case. I thought they were out of fashion.

IKEA Brimness chest of drawers. Model out of production. It caused a little bidding war just hours after listing. Found across the street.

Dress made in UK.

More shelves. To a friend.

Rusty iron table. I really like the shape of the foot and thought it would go fast, but it took five months to get a serious bid.

In all I made EUR 61,50 on trash in one week. I’m ahead of schedule for the month!