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Programming Life: Working with Belief

Working with belief is not a matter of insisting on truth. It is wholly an issue of kindness.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the ghost of the cupboards. What matters is that the person you care about does. From that vantage point, the kind intercession is exorcism. It is only control and manipulation if you insist the haunting is unreal. You heal suffering by working with the illusion from the perspective of the believer. It is ego and your suffering if you try to replace their reality with your own.

The ghost of the cupboards, sometimes, is the physical illness your mortal form is suffering from. Sometimes it is your friend’s. Mental illness, addiction, and bad habits are also spooks and specters. The ghost of the cupboards is the tumbling form of suffering in its million costumes.

Your own mortal form is a manifestation like your spouse, child, sibling, or friend. It has its own belief, a mental city of cause and effect, that creates its reality. Other people are also your manifestations, just with different cities. Compassion for any being starts with profound listening, or else you wander blind. How can you act compassionately without seeing the nature of the thorn ripping the flesh?

Belief and worldview are the creative forces underlying the presented world. Forms shift and shudder, cascade and tumble, based on the perceiver. If someone is sick, perhaps you can help them exorcise that spirit by taking them to the modern medical establishment. One person is healed by an electronic device, another by an occult amulet, and a third by a pill.

The action of the Beloved is compassionate disruption – He comes to you where you are, and His gentle tugs toward freedom from the darkness of habits and blindness of expectation can only be understood through your current circuitry of mind. This is the model of working with belief. Perceiving another’s circuitry of mind, mirror it cleansed of the clinging that appears as their current suffering. When they reflect it back at you, they are freed. Viral belief underlies the duality of sickness and wholeness.

And the truth? It underlies these uncountable worlds we wander. It cannot be apprehended by the rational mind, but instead must be dwelt in. The truth is beyond duality. To dwell in truth is to be freed of the cages we make for ourselves, to wander the garden hand-in-hand with the Beloved.