Women's legs in a car
Got a first date with someone? Congrats. But before you make dinner reservations and sprtiz on some cologne, make sure you understand that the following will ruin any future you have with the lucky lady:
1. Taking a girl to Sizzler and adding a side order of how your ex "used to this" and your ex "used to that" and then topping it off with a few longing looks at the waitress for dessert.
2. Going to the club and dancing behind her like a Backstreet Boy before asking if she wants to come up for a night cap of “do you give head?”
3. Inviting her over for dinner because you whipped up your famous video games a la carte so you can show off your sweet Tony Hawk sk8er tricks. 
4. Meeting for drinks at a bar and ordering another Old Fashioned “you got too drunk and revealed a bit much about yourself like that time you stole from your boss and lied on your college application.”
5. Going to the beach to enjoy the view of surf, sand, sun, and you checking your Instagram and Facebook every 5 minutes.
6. Taking a girl on a hike to hike your way into the no-fly, call, text or talk to again zone after you tell her you can see your future kids.

7. Grabbing coffee and ordering a tall, decaf, half-sweet, non-fat, no foam, soy “what religion are you and here’s why I'm right and you're wrong ” latte with an extra shot at 120 degrees. Oh, and chocolate sauce.
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