So, today we are searching for something different! Keeping in mind those premium search results from Chitika are ready to showcase our search with valuable, premium search results.

For those of my readers following along, we previously were talking about That is just plain wrong I say! In that Topicability blog post, we were discussing how I was searching for Stuffed Cabbage ON Squidoo, not on Google, and how I arrived at the Chitika premium sponsored search results that looked rather wrong.  I was searching on Squidoo in the search field to pull up my lens-HUB, Stuffed Cabbage of ALL things! That was the day that I was told there were NO search results available on Squidoo for Stuffed Cabbage and would I like to create a lens?

And, here we are at Monday, and the beginning of a new week for us!  I thought, I'll try something new!  I ventured to that search box on Squidoo and typed in "green bean recipe" and lo and behold, I found several lenses talking about "green bean recipe" that were recently updated, today of all days, June 14, 2010.  Well, that was more like it!  Actual lenses on "green bean recipes!"

OK ... so I went back to my lenses and refreshed.  Oh wow!  There in my premium sidebar column, to the right of my lens, I spied the premium sponsored search results of Chitika.  Hey, don't take my word for it!  Check it out for yourselves!

So, what do you think? Interesting eh? Take a close look at those websites ... not something you would expect to find for being an authority or expert on green bean recipes? Maybe ... maybe not?

Have a great Monday!