I have a lot of writing on the internet, and the custom usually is that after your dead you have the opportunity to become famous, perhaps even a staple in underground culture, mainstream culture, schools, colleges, universities, or all of the above.

It turns out as much as I have been writing I have not been thinking about what would happen to my intellectual property (which includes all of the writing I have done from the profiles of social media sites) after I am gone until I decided on a whim to check out Neil Gaiman's blog ten minutes ago.


My goal this weekend is to sit and think of whom I want to be the executor of my Holographic Will (they are valid in New Jersey) as well as the three trustees of my Creative Property Trust, and get some acid-free paper so that I can write out the copies.

If you are a writer, it is very wise to look into this: it will make things easier for your loved ones.