The Planet Jupiter or Brihaspati as it is called in the Hindi language is the largest of the planets of our Solar System and like its size its benefits as per traditional Indian as well as Western Astrology are immense. In this post, I have written about a special Yantra, which, is said to increase Guru Bal or the strength of Jupiter in the horoscope of an individual.

Sagittarius and Pisces are the two Astrological Signs, which are ruled by Jupiter. Natives belonging to these signs and also all those person who have been disguised to have a malefic Jupiter or a Jupiter, which is aspected or placed can perform this astrological remedy to increase Guru Bal or the strength of Jupiter in their horoscopes.

The benefits of Jupiter are immense and these include the over-all prosperity and financial positions of the native, success in the field of Knowledge, learning and attaining high office in politics, government or in corporate life. Jupiter is also considered a most important influencing factor in areas of good luck and fortune.

The Brihaspati Yantra shown in the image, should be prepared on any auspicious Thursday on God, Silver or Copper.

Astrology Yantra Mantra to Increase Guru Bal
Brihaspati Yantra to Increase Guru Bal

Then, the Brihaspati Mantra shown below should be chanted for a total number of 19,000 Manta Chants in a total period of Nine Days. A Rudraksha Japa Mala is best suited, there is also a special Jupiter Mala, available in the market, but it is likely to be expensive.

बृं बृहस्पतये नमः ||
Brim Brihaspataye Namah ||

After, the completion of the Mantra Chanting, the practitioner should offer yellow colored flowers to the Brihaspati Yantra, along with Doop/Diya and an offerring of Besan Ladoo. In case, Besan Ladoo is unavailable in your country you can offer a sweet prepared from Besan, which is Gram Flour.

Then, the Yantra should be placed in the Puja—Ghar, Altar or Place of Worship. This Brihaspati Yantra Remedy is said to give immense benefits material as well as mental and spiritual.