It will be another year before we have another Christmas and New Year.  I suspect at this moment some will be unwilling to consider this.  I know however of one man who has already begun his preparations, not that I am saying he buys things when they are cheap but that is what he is doing.  If only I had the money to buy things on the cheap I say...
Let us now put aside the leftovers that we have been living on, get ready to remove the decorations, the cards and the pile of wrecked wrapping paper that cannot be recycled and clean up.  Then we get be free to make another mess.
January has started and this means one thing only, shops will be full of valentines Day junk this time next week!  
I don't make resolutions at new year, they are just a fad,but I must lose weight and change what I eat.  Far more veg is required and a lot less sweet stuff.  I must move about a lot more also, this sitting at a laptop enjoying myself must stop!  I say this as I stuff left over cake into my gob, the last of the year I tell thee.  Well apart from a few biscuits that appeared in the cupboard, and several bags of crisps...
The constant talk about the weather you find on this island at the edge of the world is no surprise when you note what has been happening to us in recent days.  One day it's fog, the next bright skies, then mist, then rain, then bright skies again!  How nice for those folks not exposed to varying weather currents who can enjoy some stability for a decent length of time.  The bright blue skies of today will be replaced tomorrow by dark clouds hanging overhead, most of these caused by the general return to work of course. 
While many shops have been open in England both yesterday and today for the majority it has been a day off.  Scotland always has two days off at new Year, mostly because the drunks take two days to recover!  Especially in Ayrshire I am told!  Round here we just have the fireworks fetishists who keep us awake at all hours and fill the streets with dead rockets, their sticks tripping up the unwary and being redeployed by schoolboys on a mission of some sort.  
And this year let's all write that book that is desperate to come to life!