The question “who are you”? is probably the single most important question you will even find an answer to your itinerary in life. This is because self-identity is not our crucial or pivotal to personal well being and life management, it is imperative and indispensable because in one former the other, we spend our lives wither searching for, attempting to prove, or confidently expressing our identity. Discovering who we are is a voyage. For this reason, we need the discovery kings, and to find them we must put on our “Thinking cap”.
Let me remind the youths that they are beginning a course which can bring them to any level in life.
I once heard the saying that if you want to hide anything from the black race, put it in a book form and you can be sure they will never read it. Majority of African youths are not readers. It should not be so. Read so your imagination can be enhanced, which will in turn lead a systematic transformation of your life situation. When your knowledge are increased, your chances of success are increased. Knowledge is power and that power is contained in words printed in books. Have you ever read? How many do you plan to read this year? If you want to win the “Prize” you must pay the “Prize”. Your supposedly busy schedule timetable is not a tenable excuse for your limited achievement. If you are busy in the day, what do you do with your night time? The bible says “day unto day uttered speech and night unto night showeth knowledge”. The night is contrary to popular opinion is not for sleeping. It is the quietest time and therefore the time to open your eyes of understanding wide to behold wondrous truths from books.
Remember, it is what you do with what you learn that matters most. If you get a new insight, take action without delay. The complete and total success of your life this year is a propriety that you cannot compromise. We live in a world of rapid changes and innovations and you cannot afford to be left behind. Every fifteen seconds a new scientific paper is published. Every fifteen minutes a new innovation is introduced. I strongly believe African is lagging behind the other parts of the world because of our poor learning and research culture compared to the western world.
If you want to lead, you must read. The secret of success in life has been documented in various success books on the shelves of books stores throughout the world. Constant reading and meditation can change your life. Orison Swett Marden, one of the master success writers of all time was inspired by the writing of Samuel smiles when he came across his book, “self help”. After reading the book, Orison Swett Marden was inspired and climbed out of poverty to a better life. Then he wrote his first book; “pushing to the front” and it became a best seller. Reading can enhance your imagination and increase your faith. The greater your faith, the greater your future and the brighter your picture, the better your actual future. If you want to be great, begin to do what great people are doing: read, study, learn and mediate.