Top 10 Portable Music Players Review

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Years have passed since the iPod was introduced in the world of music lovers, then gradually the model pawned it's own demise with the introduction of iPhone. Later on, music lovers have come to realize that smartphones have a limited storage capacity, and have therefore turned to portable music players. To help them make an informed decision, below is a list of Top 10 Portable Music Players Review.
1. Astell & Kern AK Jr
You do not need to be a music lover to notice the A & K creation of music models. According to the brands standards, all models from A & K creation are startlingly affordable, portable and high resolution music players. This AK Jr can deal with high resolution audios of up to 24bit/192kHz, as well as support a vast range of formats which include DSD. It feature 64Gb internal memory which is plenty enough to store a lot of high resolution files.

2. Apple iPod touch (6th Generation) 128GB
This model is a tempting alternative to the iPhone, offering an impressive user experience and great sound quality. This 6th generation is the very first in it's category to feature 128GB version. It has a golden finish, similar to the iPhone 6s. In addition, it feature Apple's latest operating system iOS9 and also used the A8 processor feature.

3. Sony NWZ-A15
Sony recently introduced it's latest Walkman at the lower end of the market. The NWZ-A15 models feature a 2.2", 320x240 screen pixel, but this only functions as a display and does not feature touch capability. The Walkman is controlled through buttons. The bottom end is characterized by a 3.5mm headphone socket which has a proprietary port for USB and data charging.

4. Astell & Kern AK70
This is an upgrade of the AK Jr with more features, improved sound quality and a better interface. The model supports PCM files of up to 24bit/192kHZ and DSD 128/64 in a way of converting files into PCM. It also features an inbuilt micro-SD card slot.

5. Sony NW-ZX2
This model from Sony is powered by Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) operating system. It features of display of 4" touch screen with a battery life of up to 33 hours. with this device, you get a full access to games and apps from the Google pay store.

6. iBasso DX90
Although this device does not near the pocketable feature of the AK Jr, it can be still said to be quite pocketable as compared to other models in this category. The battery life is not so long but it comes with a set of interchangeable batteries.

7. HiFiMan HM-901
This model features a high gain external switch making it easy to select the most favorable output setting when the user is switching between full sized headphones and in-ear options. It also features a high end attenuation for specified volume control.

8. Fiio X3 Second generation.
This is a major upgrade to the Fiio family over other models which have been highly lauded. It is made to appear like a metallic doppelganger of the iPod original, with all the feature which include a click-wheel and a number of extra buttons.

This is currently the Onkyo company's flagship music player with a memory capacity that is twice that of other models from the brand. It is a big brother model of the Pioneer XDP-100R, with very similar features. The model feature a 4.7" display which runs on Android and comes with a 32GB internal memory.

10. Pioneer XDP-300R High-Res
The last but not the east in our list of Top 10 Portable Music Players Review is this hi-res audio player which was launched together with the DP-X1A. It's feature are very similar to those of the ONKYO DP-X1, with a dual AMP and DAC systems respectively.

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