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Sword Attack Voltron

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I received a couple of the new Voltron toys from Playmates Toys for free to Unbox and review. The kids gave me a hand and the opinions expressed are ours.

When Voltron Season 1 came out I watched the whole thing on my own and then I re-watched it with the kids. The kids really enjoyed it and we have been looking forward to the release of second season. I have a big post about it from yesterday, too. It was one of my StreamTeam posts. Tonight we watched the first episode of Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 as a family and loved it. Then I had to go to work and believe me, I would have much rather watched 4 or 5 episodes with the kids and really get into this season.

Voltron Toys

But.. we only watched the one episode and then the kids helped me unbox three Voltron toys. Two of them were provided to us by Playmates and the other one Andrew and I bought today. I was so close to buying the entire 16″ Voltron with all five lions (buying the Legendary ones will cost $100+) I really wanted it but decided against it. Lucky for me because the car needs new brakes.

We received a couple of the basic toys. I really was excited to get them open. The basic figures are really nice but they do not combine, so if you want to play as Voltron you get one of the two Voltron figures. There is a Sword Attack Voltron (Amazon Link) that swings the sword when you squeeze his legs. Playmates Toys sent me that one. Andrew and I bought the Lion Attack Voltron (Amazon Link) which fires the head of the green lion by pushing it. We also got a Red Lion figure that fires a missile from its mouth when you press a button in its back. These are solid toys that are great for play. If I don’t ave and buy the whole 16″ Voltron then I might get all the basic lions for the kids to enjoy. There are a bunch of great toys out right now, I’d love to have them all to show you but I’ve got to pace myself. Here is a list of the different ones available.

Voltron Line Overview

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